JOINT STOCK OIL-INDUSTRIAL INVESTMENT COMMERCIAL BANK (NEFTEPROMBANK) was set up in 1992 on the initiative of the largest enterprises and organizations operating in the Russian oil and gas industry.

NEFTEPROMBANK offers a full range of banking services to individuals, corporate clients and financial institutions. Bank’s mission is effective financing of real economy. The bank is also focused on sectoral diversification of the loan portfolio with regard to the structure and industrial affiliation of clients.

NEFTEPROMBANK is a member of the System of Compulsory Insurance of Deposits, is licensed to perform precious metal transactions, to undertake dealer, brokerage and custody activities. It is entered by the Bank of Russia in the list of the banks distributing commemorative and bullion coins.

In February 2019, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation put NEFTEPROMBANK on the list of the banks participating in the Government Program for Subsidized Loan Facilities for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses within the framework of the national project “SME and Support of an Individual Business Initiative”.

In September 2020, the rating Agency RAEX confirmed the Bank's rating at ruB-. The rating is an effect of a significant reserve of balance sheet liquidity. The rating positively reflects the availability of access to sources of additional liquidity. The Bank is characterized by maintaining capital adequacy ratios at an acceptable level, which allows to withstand the full loss of value of about 13% of assets and off-balance sheet liabilities at risk without violating regulatory minimums.

NEFTEPROMBANK is the only Bank in the Russian market to render its customers - participants of foreign economic activities the service of securing customs charges payment when performing supplementary checkout of the information declared. The E-guarantee for the Federal Customs Service based on escrow accounts opened with the Bank allows participants of foreign economic activities to optimize financial expenses and terms of cargoes’ customs clearance when performing supplementary checkout of the information declared.

NEFTEPROMBANK is one of the three Russian banks being an issuing bank for PAYHD customs cards and Clearing Center for the payment system participants at the same time. The years of experience with the customs cards as well as combination of clearing center and issuing bank’s functions allow the credit institution providing its customers with the high quality customs cards servicing.